7-Day FREE Writing Challenge

Welcome to the 7 Day FREE Writing Challenge.

If you find yourself here, it means you want to write. Maybe you’ve always wanted to write but are too scared to try. Or you’ve been writing for a while but don’t know if it’s any good.

It doesn’t matter. Your longing is what has brought you here. Trust it.

By signing up, you will be joining thousands of aspiring writers and authors all over the world during the week of May 25 – 31 for seven days of writing inspiration to help you begin your writing journey.

Everyone has the need to be seen and heard – we each have something unique to offer the world. Writing is a way of sharing our experience, imagination, creativity and heart with others.

But to get to where we want to go, we need to be shown the path.

This writing challenge will share those first steps with you.

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By taking part, you could win over $2,500 worth of coaching and training

Why I created the 7 Day FREE Writing Challenge

Many years ago when I was a lawyer working in the anti-violence against women movement, I craved a life shaped by words – before I knew what an advance or a character arc was. Life was taking me down the bleak path of litigation and leading witnesses. I knew I wanted something different for myself.

But I didn’t know anyone who was a published author. They seemed like superheros to me – were they like, real people?

I knew if I didn’t grab my longing and run like hell, part of me would forever be lost in the ‘what-if’ haze of regret.

So I began to write.

That was fifteen years ago. I’m about to celebrate the publication of my tenth book Your Story: how to write it so others will want to read it, published by Hay House.

I’ve also had some failures, trust me. But I’ve never stopped writing. As the book market has changed, I have changed. There is so much I’ve learned along the way which I wish I’d known as a young author.

Now I spend most of my time mentoring other writers – to help them find their voice, share their story and get their books into the world.

I created the 7 Day FREE Writing Challenge to help guide and direct aspiring authors like you to begin your writing journey armed with basic writing skills and techniques. I want to help you explore your creativity, make meaning from your unique life experiences and share your message with others.

Why? Because the world needs more great writers. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?

Why you should do this challenge

Over 7 days I will share small but powerful techniques I have used to write ten books (some internationally bestselling and #1 Amazon bestsellers), that will switch on your writing muscles.

    These will help you to

  • kickstart your own writing – no matter whether you’re brewing a dystopian novel, romantic comedy, memoir, self-help book, short story or poem;
  • learn the secrets authors know that transform small ideas into publishable books;
  • become familiar with the foundations of writing every aspiring writer must know intimately to become an author;
  • feel supported and encouraged despite your self-doubts and fears;
  • receive guidance and lean in to my knowledge and experience as a published author and writing mentor.

Simply fill in your details to join the challenge now

By taking part, you could win over $2,500 worth of coaching and training


About Me

I have spent my life writing and teaching others to write. I know how scary this feels. I understand the doubts and fears that plague every person who ever put pen to paper. I’ve created this challenge so you don’t feel alone, overwhelmed or disempowered. One small but powerful technique a day for seven days will nudge you gently into your writing. Just watch.

Writing is how we connect – with ourselves and others, how we make meaning, how we heal, how we share the gifts of our unique experience. Trust that you have something worthwhile to share. Let me show you how to move that from your heart onto the page.

To help keep you motivated and encouraged to participate and complete your writing tasks, I’m giving away $20 000 USD worth of prizes at the end. Why? Because my own writing career has been blessed by the generosity and benevolence of readers all over the world, and it’s time for me to pay this forward.

Thank you for committing to these 7 days. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be bubbling with new ideas. You’ll have written for seven days. You’ll be a writer.

Take my hand. Let’s do this together,

Have fun and enjoy,


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