Next Steps

I want to be sure I am the right mentor for you.

To help me understand how I can best support you, please complete this questionnaire.

Once we receive your answers, my team will be in touch to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session valued at $375. This is your chance to ask me any questions you have about the writing process and for us to assess whether coming to Fiji is going to transform where you are with your writing. This 30 minute exclusive opportunity to talk to me about your writing comes with no obligation. My intention is to inspire, motivate and assist you to get clarity about what you need next in your writing journey and how to manifest your goals.

‘I got more value out of 30 minutes with Joanne on the phone than I did in a 6 week writing course.’ – Mira
‘A huge, heart-felt cyber hug and much appreciation for the Discovery Session, thank you soooo much!! It was like catching up with an old friend and I felt my cup being filled to over flowing in the aftermath.  Your passionate encouragement and support have been very motivating and I am in to my “early morning pages” with every intention of keeping up the practice.‘ – Jen


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