What past writers who’ve come on my writing retreats have said:

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‘Joanne is a genius teacher who understands writing to the marrow and guides people towards their own transformations like a shaman.’ – Donna


‘Joanne is a natural, a true passionate leader and teacher of writing, addressing all the aspects that plague writers – from the newest to the most experienced, and with such genuine intention. She is the gift I needed on my path to achieve my dream. Attending her writing retreat has changed my life.’ – Michele

‘Joanne’s ‘x factor’ – is her amazing intuition in digging out people’s problems and inspirations and finding the story in their work.’ – Hayley


‘Joanne created a space for me to fall back in love with writing. Joanne’s gift lies in her ability to see the writer we have hidden from ourselves and to summon her out through powerful examples, highly original strategies and exercises… Joanne’s knowledge, her often startling insights, her generosity and her passion showed me to myself and in facing the storm head on, I’ve made peace with my voice.’ – Georgia


‘Joanne opened the door for me. She made it safe to try, safe to share, safe to admit I love writing… she cheered me on. Her support elevated beyond writing tips and techniques and swelled into a direct injection to me.. She gave me the confidence to press SEND. She opens the door to the world – the entire gorgeous, broken, seeping, heaving, heavenly world. She opens the door with Grace.’ – Lani


‘Joanne has a contagious passion for everything… I have great respect for the effort she gives to each and everyone she works with. She genuinely wants to share what she has learned and see me succeed. She is in my corner, but I have to be in there fighting for myself… She will share, support and guide me, but I need to step up and do my bit.. She genuinely wants to see other people become published authors. I love her drive, her honesty, her openness, her care and her concern… and that she is brave and strong. It makes me feel like I can be those things – that I am those thing as well. I also love how she can make everything seem sensual and sexy! She could read the telephone book and it would come out sounding desirable!’ – Kerry

girls3‘Joanne has a way of gently probing, of finding the nub of either resistance or inspiration that is hidden, and revealing it in a way that can set you free from the shackles of the unconscious … There is a wonder in it. This rare synergy between master and student, in which things will never be the same. And it happens because it stems- and I say this unapologetically, from pure and simple love.’ – Donna


‘… you will love and you will trust and you will feel like you have met yourself for the first time.’ – Claire

‘I signed up to meet Jo, to bask in the presence of this woman whose writing I so admire and some Fiji sunshine. I wasn’t worried if I didn’t learn to writeTo call it a ‘writing retreat’ burdens it with practicality.  Not that you wont get that – Jo is beyond generous with sharing her wealth of experience. What happens on this retreat is magic – and you can’t explain magic.  All I will say is that if you think you have tried life’s many experiences, if you think that you are comfortable with where you are at – you haven’t done something like this!   You haven’t been introduced to Jo’s brilliance and Katrina’s love and her laugh! 

Hands down this was the most challenging, uncomfortable experience with the most transformative, rewarding results!  You will resist and you will be pushed, you will laugh and you will cry but in end the end you will love and you will trust, and you will feel like you have met yourself for the first time! Life really does begin at the end of your comfort zone.’ – Claire


‘Joanne makes the call on your calling and the ruling is always, one way or another, in the affirmative.’ – Mimi

‘Let’s face it, writing is, at heart, the most efficient way to feel brilliant.  And to scare the crap out of yourself.  On a normal day, these things happen in quick succession.  You know you can do this thing.   Until you ask yourself if, really, is that the worst idea/word/story/book/sentence ever conceived?   This is where Joanne Fedler comes in.  

No, she won’t make the call on your sentences, or your paragraphs, or your subject matter.  Joanne makes the call on your calling, and the ruling is always, one way or another, in the affirmative.  Which is as it should be, because when you actually show up at Joanne’s workshops, you have been called.  

Joanne believes in everyone’s necessity to create, and if you want to create with words, she will uncover, she will nurture those tender bristles within you.    Joanne’s ears and attention are a burst of solar-powered rocket fuel.  

Yes,  Joanne will suggest, strongly and repeatedly,  that you open your fuel tank wide, no wider!, and she will celebrate your words, their right to exist upon the page.  She will do so as many times as you need her to do it.  However,  Joanne won’t comfort you – not unless you have already done battle and are bleeding.    She won’t humour you, not at first, nor ever.  

But you will – if you choose – feel empowered by Joanne.  You will be able to lift your stylus and enter the confusing fray.  That is the nature of Joanne’s presence as a writing mentor.  I don’t know how she does it, but she does it. – Mimi


‘When you doubt yourself, Jo encourages you. She shares such effective, simple structures and ideas to encourage you to be the best, bravest version of you. She laughs with you, cries with you, but more importantly, makes you believe anything is possible. Chase your dream and along the way you will meet an incredible woman of character and substance who will give your writing wings the chance to fly.’ – Jan


‘Where do I start to tell you what Fiji meant to me?’ – Marcia

‘I was apprehensive when I booked (I didn’t tell Jo that). As the master of ‘beating myself up’ I almost backed out, always doubting my ability. I’m so glad I didn’t! What an incredible six days which has seriously pumped up my self-esteem and given me a newfound confidence in my writing. I feel and hear my voice on the page in a way I didn’t before, it’s really exciting!

Jo is a very special woman who opens her heart and soul to you and the warmth seeps in and you feel totally comfortable. A gifted teacher, oozing wisdom, her energy is infectious and she brings out the true writer in you. You will be amazed! The friends I made too in those beautiful women will be with me for life now, I know that for sure. Their courage and stories continue to inspire me and I smile when I think of our time in Fiji.

Don’t let that voice in your head discourage you, go to Fiji with Jo, it will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself. Seriously!’ – Marcia

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Fiji 2015


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